Kezia was born and grew up in Cambridge. Since learning to write, she was often found with a pen and
paper in hand, declaring her intent to be a writer.
Archaeology was not in her vocabulary at this point and digging was not deemed lady like.

She moved to study at De Montfort University and graduated with a BA(hons) in Contemporary Theatre. She had
always been an active sportswoman until she was diagnosed with MS at the age of 25. Since then, she has taught Positive Thinking and Mental Well-being alongside running her Holistic Therapies business.
During a routine Neurology consultation, she received the negative prognosis that within a couple
of years she would inevitably be using a wheelchair.
The literal translation of her surname Kecibas (from Turkish) is Goat head, meaning stubborn. Being told
what is inevitable, would always be like a flame to blue touch paper for Kezia. In 2019, she underwent Stem Cell Treatment in Moscow to arrest the typical chronic progression of the disease. Being a big believer in karma points, the hope of potential improvements was always on the cards. With her usual rose-tinted outlook on life, she wouldn’t just
stop the MS – she’d literally be running off the plane that she landed back to the UK on.